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Hirudoid Forte Veni Leg Care Lotion

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Hirudoid Forte Veni Leg Care Lotion, a soothing leg lotion, which can provide relief for tired, swollen, discomfort and heavy legs. Active ingredient Rutin ables to stregthen the capillaries' inner walls^, to relieve leg swellings and tired feeling. Veni Leg Care Lotion helps to relieve leg discomfort during pregnancy* and soothing spider veins+, heavy tired feelings and swelling. ^THE EFFECT OF A HERBAL VENOTONIC CREAM IN VARICOSE VEINS. A PRELIMINARY REPORT. S DASKALOPOULOU, E. KALODIKI, V. IBEGBUNA, M. DASKALOPOULOS and A.N. NICOLAIDES +ABC of arterial and venous disease Varicose veins Nick J M London, Roddy Nash *Recommend consulting doctor advice before applying
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Brand 喜療妥
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