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About Us

MentalCare Connect Co.,Ltd. (Subsidiary of the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong) was established in 2002. We create job opportunities for the disabled and disadvantaged people via operating social enterprises through the business such as Convenience Stores, Rehab Shops, “Rehab Express” Direct Sales Services, Marketing & Promotions Services, Online Shopping Platform, Catering, Cleaning Services and Organisational Consumption Project.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Everyone should have an equal and dignified employment opportunity.

- To create employment opportunities with dignity for the disabled and disadvantaged people through social enterprise model and further promote the mental health in workplace.
- To enable the self-sustainability of social enterprises and promote “Buy Social” Movement.

Core Values
- People-oriented
- Team Spirit
- Continuous Learning
- Innovation
- Commitment

Business Highlights

“Cheers Gallery” Rehab Shops

“Cheers Gallery” Rehab Shop is dedicated to provide convenient and caring rehab products retail service for patients, visitors and hospital staff. By collaborating with over 200 suppliers, we provide a broad selection of over 3,000 rehab products, and act as a leading retail network in offering the most comprehensive product list.

“Cheers Gallery” Convenience Store


Besides providing regular convenience store services to hospital staff, patients and visitors, Cheers Gallery also offers vocational training and employment opportunities to disabled people. As our business is basically run on a self-serving basis, over 70% of our staff at Cheers Gallery is disabled people. The puchase in "Cheers Gallery" provide the sustainable working environment to our staff.


“Rehab Express” Direct Sales Services

Subsidized by the Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme of the Home Affairs Department, MentalCare Connect started the Rehab Express Direct Sales Service in early 2007. We provide one-stop and direct delivery service of rehab products for elderly/chronic patients and disabled people in Hong Kong. By establishing the Cheers Gallery “Rehab Express” Online Shop and the bi-monthly magazine, we provide health information, and rehab product information to help the patients to replenish the rehab consumable products in a more efficient and convenient way.